Die Erstbesteigung des Broad Peak 8047m durch die österreichische ÖAV Karakorum Expedition 1957 ohne Sauerstoffgeräte, ohne Hochträger, ohne Basislagerhilfe am 9. Juni 1957 durch Fritz Wintersteller, Marcus Schmuck, Kurt Diemberger und Hermann Buhl.  
Broad Peak
Expedition 1957
Golden Jubilee



Broad Peak 8047m Broad Peak 8047m news and upcoming events. Meet the team members of the Austrian OEAV Karakoram Expedition 1957 and get the latest news on Broad Peak.

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Patagonia mountain guides for a Broad Peak Argentinean first


(K2Climb.net) Five Argentinean mountain guides from El Calafate are changing the Patagonian winter for the Karakorum summer. Team leader Marcos Frischknecht (39), Ramiro Calvo (31), Leonardo Proverbio (25), Luciano Fiorenza (27), and Jose Pera (30) will depart Buenos Aires on Sunday, aiming for a first Argentinean ascent on Broad Peak, according to La Nacion.

Patagonic training

All climbers work as guides with Hielo y Aventura in Los Glaciares National Park. With the arrival of winter in Patagonia, the guys decided use the slow of the home season to try their luck in Pakistan.

The climbers plan to reach BC by June, 20 and hope to be ready for a summit bid between the 5th and 10th of July.

Death zone first-timers

Without previous Himalayan experience, the climbers instead bring with them skills from the demanding walls of Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy, and the bitter cold of the Patagonian ice field mountains.

Argentinean Hielo y Aventura expedition team will attempt Broad Peak this summer from its normal route. They will set three higher camps prior to the summit. Members are leader Marcos Frischknecht (39), Ramiro Calvo (31), Leonardo Proverbio (25), Luciano Fiorenza (27), and Jose Pera (30).


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