Die Erstbesteigung des Broad Peak 8047m durch die österreichische ÖAV Karakorum Expedition 1957 ohne Sauerstoffgeräte, ohne Hochträger, ohne Basislagerhilfe am 9. Juni 1957 durch Fritz Wintersteller, Marcus Schmuck, Kurt Diemberger und Hermann Buhl.  
Broad Peak
Expedition 1957
Golden Jubilee



Broad Peak 8047m Broad Peak 8047m news and upcoming events. Meet the team members of the Austrian OEAV Karakoram Expedition 1957 and get the latest news on Broad Peak.

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Summer 2006 Broad Peak expeditions


Broad Peak - 8051m
Climbing permit 4500 USD for a team of seven, 750 USD each additional climber.

2006 mBank Himalayan Trilogy Expedition
Piotr Pustelnik will lead fellow Polish Piotr Morawski, plus Americans Don Bowie and Peter Hamor on Cho Oyu and Annapurna (in spring) and on Broad Peak in summer.

For the third, summer stage of the trilogy the team will attempt a first ascent on Broad Peak's yet unclimbed South ridge.

Australian Broad Peak expedition
Terence Tremble will lead a 7 member team on Broad Peak this summer. Details have yet to be confirmed.

Edurne Pasaban + Al Filo de lo Imposible
Spanish documentary series Al Filo de lo Imposible (On the Edge of the Impossible) has confirmed their climb of Broad Peak this summer. The team includes Basque climber Edurne Pasabán, who will be attempting her ninth 8000er with BP.

Edurne’s website (Spanish / Euskera)

Field Touring Alpine K2-Broad Peak double-header
A large group of climbers plus guides and porters will climb Broad Peak’s normal route and then head for K2’s Abruzzi Spur, on this huge commercial expedition set up by Field Touring Alpine and Alan Arnette. Check the info under K2 for all details.

Expedition’s website
Alan Arnette’s website

Carlos Pauner’s Aragon Broad Peak + GII expedition
After climbing Dhaulagiri in spring, Spaniard Carlos Pauner will attempt Broad Peak and GII this summer along with some climbing friends. Carlos has previously reached BP’s fore-summit. Last year, he hoped to summit both Gasherbrums, but bad weather conditions only allowed him one: GI (Hidden Peak). In 2006 he hopes to finish the job, and thus complete all Pakistan 8000+ meters summits in his 14 8000er quest.

Carlos’ Website (Spanish)

Kari Koblers Swiss Broad Peak Expedition
Kobler & Partner

Markus Kronthalers Austrian Broad Peak Expedition On the route of the Austrian First Ascent with historian Jochen Hemmleb


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