Die Erstbesteigung des Broad Peak 8047m durch die österreichische ÖAV Karakorum Expedition 1957 ohne Sauerstoffgeräte, ohne Hochträger, ohne Basislagerhilfe am 9. Juni 1957 durch Fritz Wintersteller, Marcus Schmuck, Kurt Diemberger und Hermann Buhl.  
Broad Peak
Expedition 1957
Golden Jubilee



Broad Peak 8047m Broad Peak 8047m news and upcoming events. Meet the team members of the Austrian OEAV Karakoram Expedition 1957 and get the latest news on Broad Peak.

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Piolet d'Or Nominees Announced


While the list is still considered tenative, the nominees for this year's Piolet d'Or have been announced. According to www.MountEverest.net, the nominees are:

Steve House and Vince Anderson, United States, for their new alpine-style route of Nanga Parbat's Rupal Face.

Denis Urubko and Serguey Samoilov, Kazakhstan, for their new alpine-style route of Broad Peak's South West Face.

Patrick Wagnon, Christian Trommsdorf and Yannick Graziani, France, for a first ascent of Chomo Lonzo's Central Summit.

Ueli Steck, Switzerland, for his combined solo climbs of Cholatse's North Face and Tawoche, known as The Khumbu Express.

Robert Jasper and Stefan Glowacz, Switzerland and Germany respectively, for their new route on Cerro Murallon, on the Patagonian Ice Cap.

Ermanno Salvaterra and Alessandro Beltrami, Italy, and Rolando Garibotti, Argentina, for their new alpine-style route on Cerro Torre.